iCODE Project, an NSF grant funded collaboration between the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Machine Science Inc

About the iCODE Developer

The iCODE Developer is a Java applet-based online development environment that forms part of the iCODE Project core software. The applet supports a per-user persistent file storage system along with remote compilers that can target PIC or ATMega based project boards. RS-232 support for downloading code and retrieving datasets is also supported on the Windows and MacOS X platforms.

This applet is being developed as part of the iCODE grant from the NSF; please visit http://icode.cs.uml.edu for more information.


  • Automatically configures and detects any available serial port (Windows and MacOS X only)
  • Supports hot-plugging USB RS-232 dongles
  • Color coding for C and CricketLogo
  • Save downloaded datasets as CSV



Main iCODE Developer window Serial device selection Available platforms
Data uploader Remote file open/save window Remote compiler message window