Blake Skinner
Topsfield, Massachusetts


Master of Science

  • Computer Science - University of Massachusetts at Lowell, 2008

Bachelor of Science

  • Computer Science - University of Massachusetts at Lowell, 2007



  • Java, Perl, C, Objective-C, Bash scripting, Ruby, PHP

Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000, XP and Vista
  • Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
  • Linux, primarily Red Hat and Ubuntu based distributions


University of Massachusetts Lowell, iCODE Project, Lowell, MA - 2006-2009

  • Handled all code changes in the core Java applet, the iCODE Developer
  • Worked with partner companies in order to track down and fix bugs
  • Developed Perl scripts to provide a persistent remote file storage and compiler system
  • Managed the setup and deployment of production, QA and development environments
  • Created procedures for testing and releasing updates
  • Trained new developers in the existing build system
  • Deployed and administered servers running RHEL and Ubuntu
  • Setup and managed Subversion and RSYNC repositories

University of Massachusetts Lowell, TechCreation, Lowell, MA - 2005-2006

  • Developed a stack-based interpreter in Java for CricketLogo bytecode
  • Worked with several other developers in an agile environment
  • Designed and implemented a bytecode interpreter and serial communication stack targeting the ATMega168


iCODE Developer

  • Online IDE which targets several embedded targets
  • Provides a persistent online file storage system for users
  • Autodetection and temporary setup of native serial libraries
  • Includes a serial stack capable of communication with ATMega, PIC bootloaders and CricketLogo compatible interpreters
  • Supports code coloring for C and CricketLogo


  • Mapped system-wide keystrokes to unmount/eject functionality for removable drives
  • Developed in Objective-C using Cocoa and IOKit
  • Cocoa bundle-based plugin architecture used to supporting additional devices
  • Rated 4/5 mice in September 2005 issue of MacWorld magazine


  • Developed a set of Perl scripts to provide a persistent file storage for users and a compilation system
  • Implemented using Perl and mod_cgi under Apache
  • Designed a YAML-based protocol for communication between the server and a remote client

CricketLogo AVR Interpreter

  • Implementation of a CricketLogo compatible interpreter in C
  • Targeted the ATMega169 microcontroller via GCC
  • Designed and implemented both the interpreter and serial communication stack
  • Implemented features such as extending the addressable space from 12 to 16 bits, added support for fibers,an extended serial communication protocol and LCD support

AquaBox Cricket

  • Application to provide low-level access to the VirtualCricket interpreter for debugging
  • Allows a user to view and edit any segment of the virtual memory, including the program data, registers and stack
  • Implemented using Java and the Cocoa-Java bridge on Mac OS X

Virtual Cricket

  • Implemented a bytecode interpreter for the backend of an interactive, virtual CricketLogo device
  • Worked in an agile environment with other developers to develop a user-friendly front-end
  • Designed for use on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems targeting Java 1.4.2
  • Built using Java and JavaScript